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Foundation, Foundation, Foundation

Full website functionality must be a core component of any Rapid Website Delivery project

Truly functional websites have a LOT going on.  Without backend, technical functionality, a pretty online "brochure" won't ever be seen unless someone searches specifically for your site.  This can render all of your marketing and social media content impotent.



A website has to work within Google's quality guidelines; provide information on how your customers interact with you; be flexible and technically-friendly enough to maintain with fresh, original content; and they have to connect with social media and other sites within your community.  And that's just for PCs!  With more people accessing the internet with mobile devices and tablets, your website had better be able to work with multiple technologies.



Rapid Website Delivery or Rapid Deployment takes a different tack - it starts with a fully-featured web software, built to work with Google's Webmaster Tools and Analytics, right out of the box.  Your company's offerings and strategies are then incorporated to complete the foundation.  Lastly, the user interface is configured to provide a stunning user experience across PCs, tablets and mobile devices.




The Rapid Deployment Process:



Install Softare

Define System and Site Parameters

Implement Images and Product Masters

Install the software on your host's web-server; set up the databases, security and eMail Set up the Page and Product/Service Names, Meta Tags, Snippets, Headings and Formats that make the site relevant and easy to "crawl" Install images, configure the format and flow for the end-user experience




Place Foundation for "Community"

Set Up Initial Google Analytics

Scientifically Analyze and Adjust

Set up your Social Media accounts and document the processes for posting Using agreed-upon KPIs, create the initial Filters and Goals to see how your customers interact with you Gather data; analyze, create hypotheses and test, adjust and repeat





Rapid Website Delivery simply sets a standard implementation process around a proven, highly functional, secure, software foundation.  The user interface is configured (rather than having to be written) to showcase your company's offering.  This new website is designed around the concept of building an online "community," Google's recommended SEO Guidelines and the ability to adjust to the customer metrics you capture.





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