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Google Analytics - Understanding how you and your customers interact



Google Analytics tracks your customers' interaction with your online presence.  You gain a complete picture of how they respond to your ads, videos, websites and social media tools - across PCs, tablets and smartphones.  By analyzing their actions, you can better target your message.  Google Analytics is a powerful tool allowing you to maximize service to your existing customers, and helping you acquire new ones.




Google Analytics allows you to:



Better Understand Your Audience

See the Online Paths they Use

See What Actions They Take

Analyzing website traffic paints a more complete picture of your audience and their needs - no matter their position on the path to purchase Tracking the routes people take to reach you and the devices they use to get there lets you meet them whatever their current position Learn what people search for, look at and like, then tailor your marketing activities to meet those needs






Quantify Performance Goals

Fine-Tune Your Message

Analyze Data Scientifically

Get a better understanding of which marketing campaigns really drive visits, sales and other actions from your users Use the results of your users' actions to determine which messages create results Measure; Analyze; Form a Hypothesis; Adjust Accordingly; Test; Repeat 





Google Analytics allows you to quantitatively measure your customers' and potential customers' activity with your company's online presence.  You gain the ability to determine what works, so that you may adjust accordingly.


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