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About Us

If "Content" is the hammer in today's online world, the underlying technology is still the anvil.  More than ever, that anvil had better be flat, stable and solid.  If it isn't, your web strategy will shatter.


The internet has evolved dramatically - a business website can no longer be simple.  It must be accessed by PCs, Tablets and Smartphones.  The underlying technology has to work well with Search Engine Crawlers.  Content must be relevant and "fresh."  Analytics show how users interact with a company's web-presence.  And Social Media has become a critical amplifier to a website's placement in Search Engine Results Pages.


Building new, conforming software is prohibitive to many small and medium sized businesses.  buzzWEBCRAFT addresses these issues by using rich, Open Source software, and configuring it to match a company's offering, rather than building from scratch.  It is then implemented using industry-standard processes and initial configurations to provide that solid, stable base.


Today, buzzWEBCRAFT provides services and the underlying software in the following areas:


  • Inbound Marketing
  • Google Analytics
  • Rapid Website Delivery
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Technology and SEO
  • Responsive ("mobile") Web Design


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